Current Fundrasing Stats


The UMaine Crew Club is starting from scratch, so all fundraising will be going toward the initial equipment needed to get out on the water in the Spring.  Please see below for our budget and money raised to-date.  

If you would like to donate, or help the team in any way, please email our Treasurer, mary.tourigny@umit.maine.edu or our President, sarah.cyr@umit.maine.edu.

Fundraising Budget 2010

$0 - Two used eights (Donated!)
$500 - Oars and Shoes
$2,000 - Boat launch
$500 - Cox box and accessories
$100 - Boat slings
$4000 - Additional equipment, including:
  • Life vests
  • Boat rack
  • Boat straps
  • Race entry fees
Current Goal: $ 7,100.00

Money Raised To-Date
Current total: 

Spring 2010:  We have been selling calendars (thank you Metis Advisors for the calendar donation), and we have a bake sale planned around valentines day.

Spring 2008:  We held another bake sale, timed a championship swim meet, canned at Walmart, held a Valentine's Day basket raffle and carnation sale, and collected all the team's bottles & cans.  We also attempted to sell pizza at a hockey game but, like the car shoveling, we broke even.

Fall 2007: We held three bottle drives, did a week-long bake sale, cleaned up the Alfond Arena after a hockey game, shoveled out snowed-in cars, and received a generous private donation, along with donating our own money.